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Solar Installation And Inverter Building

With the challenge of light and poor electrical supply in many parts of Nigeria, the need to have access to renewable sources of energy has become paramount in a fast-paced world. Businesses are becoming more dependent on power for a lot of their processes. Learning to build a workable inverter is an evergreen venture in the scheme of today’s business economy.

The comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of how to go about this is what you would receive from this course. Moreover, there is hands-on practical training where you would have first-hand experience with the best inverter builders and engineers in the whole of Nigeria.

This course entails all the materials needed to build a 1KVA Inverter with all the gadgets which would be needed for field works. At FATech Academy we would teach you how to build an inverter from scratch. The cost of this training also involves all the materials needed to build a 1KVA inverter.
After this course, students will be able to also install inverters of any brand and also solar installations of any kind. This is a professional course that requires basic knowledge in Electrical/Electronic Engineering. If you need more information about this course, please call us!

Why You Should learn

  • First hand insight from industry-best engineers
  • An ever increasing demand for the use of inverter in today’s world
  • Foregoing the pain points created by the erratic nature of light in Nigeria
  • An opportunity to wax strong in an industry that is not fully charted
  • Career opportunities and startup opportunities

Career Opportunities

  • Solar system Engineers
  • Electrical Field installation Engineers
  • Inverter Service supervisors
  • Inverter & Solar Installation Engineers
  • Inverter & Solar Repair Engineers

Course outline for Solar Installation And Inverter Building.

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