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Content Development

Get linked in on all the necessary tools and hacks needed to excel as a content writer, copywriter, and web content developer.

The course is designed to make you write better and more efficiently with the secrets to writing persuasive copy that converts.

Also you’d learn to create headlines that will go viral, hacks for content development, generating new blog ideas, and creating inspirational flows to keep your audience stuck to your content.

Why You Should learn

  • Opens you to global opportunities
  • Increases your career prospects
  • Gateway to other opportunities apart from regular jobs
  • Makes you ready as a freelance content writer
  • Potential lucrative income
  • Helps to boost your confidence
  • Exposes you to the world of knowledge

Career Opportunities

  • Web content writer
  • Freelancer
  • Creative content writer
  • Marketing
  • Blogger
  • Script writer
  • Editor/proofreader
  • Research writer
  • Medical writer
  • Technical writer
  • Copywriter
  • Business writer
  • Academic writer
  • Social media manager

Course outline for Content Development .

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Course Duration-4 Weeks

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