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Game Development

Learn how to develop games with popular gaming Engines and codes such as C# and create stunning games that would get the cash rolling into your account. In this course, learners build the skills necessary to design and develop games.

The course focuses on both the theory and practice of game making. From a technical standpoint, learners create four game projects in the latest Unity game engine, including a 2D Shooter, 2D Platformer, First-Person Shooter, and 3D Platformer.

In the final Project, learners create a completely original game of their own design from initial concept up to the first playable prototype.

Why You Should learn

  • Ability to create engaging games
  • Tools to develop your original game
  • Tutored by industry experts
  • A chance to excel in an evergreen industry
  • High demand for games and game developers

Career Opportunities

  • Modeler
  • Game Developer
  • Animator artist
  • Motion capture artist
  • Texture artist
  • Game production manager
  • Computer animation manager
  • Film and entertainment
  • Digital framework specialist

Course outline for Game Development.

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Course Duration-12 Weeks

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