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Product Design & Management

The creation of a product starts with user research. Alone or together with UX researchers, as a product designer you would find out the primary pain points and motivation of potential users, and learn the context of their interaction. Then, they will analyze the received data, create user portraits and try to figure out if the potential product (or the new version of the existing one) has chances to be interesting and useful at all.

Product designers use various research methods and study psychology to better understand people and develop empathy, which is the main weapon in their arsenal. In the end, it is empathy and promoting design thinking as a philosophy and problem-solving methodology that are a guarantee of the product designer’s success.

They also analyze the information received and create documentation (like Product Requirements Document), providing it with necessary sketches, user journey maps, and user portraits. Product designers learn the basics of entrepreneurship, discover business management processes, and study prioritization and resource division practices in the company to finally understand “Why it should have been done yesterday?”.

Then there are various tests, outcome analyses, changes, regular checkups, and coordination with developers. Sure, product designers don’t write code, but they should understand the frameworks and technologies used by developers to keep the work pace quick and effective.

Collaboration with marketers and PR specialists on the promotion stage as well as supplying all necessary assets for pushing the product to the market are also product designers’ areas of responsibility.

Why You Should learn

  • Real-world examples and practical
  • Access to global PM curriculum
  • The course is designed to prepare you to handle any real-life situation as regards project management.
  • Access to industry experts with years of experience training PM professionals

Career Opportunities

  • B2B Sales specialist for ecommerce companies
  • Product manager
  • Technology leadership
  • Customer retention specialist
  • Market fit analyst
  • Advertising art director
  • Furniture conservator/restorer
  • Materials engineer
  • Procurement manager
  • Product manager
  • Production designer, theatre/television/film

Course outline for Product Management.

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