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About Us

The FATech Company

We are a team of successful IT Professionals specializing in different aspect of IT. Over the years we have built lots of solutions and lots of beautiful stuffs. The FATech Team are a group of professionals with many years of building, managing, developing, designing workable solutions and the Academy which was recently given birth to is an idea to train Nigerians the actual way of achieving success.

As a Company, we are also hired to build & manage several custom applications used globally, with the aid of an Academy this is being achieved now even more efficiently as the work force and community of experts keep growing based on the number of fully trained personnel ready to work. As at March, 2021 all websites and custom applications we have built and currently manage makes at an average of up to $50,000 - $80,000 Monthly revenue all projects in total.

The Academy

We build only on global standards and we also manage like real professionals that we are. We also extended this business quality to our Academy by training based on global standards so that they are able to meet and develop or design based on global standards also.

We have a growing community of professionals available to be hired either full time, part time or contract. We receive lots of these requests from time to time, Companies looking to hire the best at an affordable rate. For whatever solution which is being searched for, we are fully ready to deliver. From Web solutions to Mobile to Data analytics or general Computer management. We also train engineers who want to build inverter and understand how to install solar panels with several other departments of IT.

We are happy to work with you, either you want to hire a professional, or you want to hire us as a Company or you want to manage. The list is endless; you are a step closer towards getting more information. Reach us via email at hello@fatech.ng

about us
What Stands Us Out

Why Choose Us?


Global Researched Solutions

We do it just like it should be done all over the World maintaining a global standard.


Excellent Management Skills

We also professionally maintain what has been built or developed from our numerous expert lists.


Creative & Innovative Solutions

We are very innovative and creative in everything we do. We also teach this in our Academy.


Proven Success Tracks

There is no need for long talks, we are ready to show you other projects which are already succeessful!.